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Do you realise that every caller is a potential customer? Why not use that all important first impression to wow them and exhibit a professional corporate image?

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We are a leading audio recording studio based on the Gold Coast, Australia. Reording telephone audio productions for businesses around Australia, Phone Sound also have access to voice artists from around the world.

Entertain callers and keep them on the telephone line
Businesses who implement an on hold program have higher call retention rates as well as happier customers. Its a minimum investment that provides daily returns.

On Hold Client Sydney Sample:

phone sound client acor consultants

Message 1: The ACOR Consultants Group provides multi discipline consulting engineering services.  We bring together an enthusiastic and creative team of professionals dedicated to excellence in solution, design and service. For a full range of our services visit us online at

Message 2: ACOR specialises in Carbon & Energy modelling, airport and heavy duty pavements, aquatics and infrastructure services. We work hard to create innovative and environmentally sustainable engineered solutions Nationwide.

Message 3: Services provided by ACOR include civil, structural, hydraulic and electrical engineering; as well as building services and environmental consulting. To find out more about how ACOR can assist you visit us online at

Messages On Hold Sydney

Captivating Messages and Music Onhold
Stand out from the Sydney crowd with professional telephone recordings for your business phone system. Phone Sound is the leading recording studio in Australia!

Improve your business image with professionally recorded telephone on hold messages and music!


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